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Make sure your brand is personal

Think of all the successful brands that have become legendary since they first started out. Ford, Apple, McDonald’s. They’re not just limited to companies. Christianity is a brand. President Barack Obama is a brand. The Civil Rights Movement is a…

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My first tweet sucked

This was my first tweet, back in November 2008. Nothing witty or awe-inspiring. I was just sharing a simple update about something I was doing at that time. If you’ve ever heard Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, talk about…

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Don’t let your website go out of style—start working on that redesign

Here’s a scenario.

After many months of wondering whether or not to build a website for your business or your personal brand, you finally decide to take the leap and get a .com. You spend long hours creating the perfect logo and finding the perfect colors, fonts and plugins that give life to what you do best.

You then launch your site to much fanfare, and all of your friends and supporters are giving you props for launching your brand new thing. But then something happens: some years pass by because you get busy promoting your thing, and then you realize, “Oh shoot! Just like my own self, my brand has gotten older and wiser. I should do something quick before my ‘thing’ gets stuck in the past.”

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