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Martin Ricard - Founder, Sum of All Web Consulting

I have always felt that there had to be a better way to bridge the gap between storytelling and the Internet. With my experience in journalism and savviness with the Web, my goal with Sum of All Web Consulting is to increase the level of care and human interaction that is often lacking in the digital content world.

So what can my business do for you? So glad you asked…

If you have a nonprofit or organization that is dedicated to social justice and wants to increase the number of people who support your cause (WHO DOESN’T THESE DAYS?), I have the perfect solution for you.

My done-for-you service helps nonprofits and other organizations improve their communications with smart content marketing. In addition to building your website, my service also takes the pain out of communications by delivering done-for-you digital strategies that advance your organization’s mission.

Think of Sum of All Web Consulting as your web content whisperer.

Martin Ricard
Founder, Sum of All Web Consulting

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