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This One Tool Can Help Your Organization Quickly Increase Its Email List

This one tool can help your organization quickly increase its email list

Let me tell you about a great tool that I have been using for many of the websites I manage and that is used by some names you’ll probably recognize (AirBNB, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss).

It’s called Sumo, a set of tools that help automate your organization’s growth.

What I love about this tool is it is something that is used by some of the biggest sites on the Internet, but it is also easy to use and accessible for average people.

The Welcome Mat

One of Sumo’s unique tools is Welcome Mat.

I’ve witnessed Sumo’s Welcome Mat substantially increase my websites’ conversions in a short amount of time, which means you can literally sit back and watch things change before your eyes.

The Welcome Mat simplifies the concept of a call-to-action and makes certain that visitors to a website don’t miss the crucial moment or the crucial action.

It’s so simple a concept that I felt like someone switched on a light for me when I didn’t even know there was a light!

What is it exactly?

Welcome Mat displays a full-screen call-to-action which shows immediately when a visitor lands on your site.

It slips in at the top of your content without blocking anyone; if they want to scroll past, they can, and Welcome Mat vanishes.

The key thing here is that Welcome Mat is hard to miss but it’s not going to annoy anyone because it smoothly disappears if they scroll past.

Nobody likes pushy pop-ups, but Welcome Mat is far from that thanks to its fancy disappearing act. It’s a technique used by some of the most recognized brands out there and it works!

What can I use it for?

Anything! You can use Welcome Mat in tons of ways which will all convert and be of use to you. For example,

  • Gathering email addresses
  • Showing visitors where to find that special campaign
  • Directing traffic to your blog

I feel strongly that every organization should have its own website and that your website should be supporting the growth of your organization…and that’s why I love Sumo’s Welcome Mat.

The List Builder

Control and results. In a nutshell, Sumo’s List Builder Tool gives you both of these and I’m happy I found it!

Like a lot of people, I wanted something which seemed impossible…the ability to create effective pop-up email opt-in forms in a user-friendly format.

I had been searching for a tool that could help my clients capture more email addresses, which is what most organizations need to keep growing. I’d almost given up when I stumbled on Sumo’s List Builder Tool, which, in short, has been a life-saver for me.

  • You can choose exactly how your pop-up looks
  • Drag and drop means you can work out the fine details of the visual elements quickly and easily
  • You can choose from brilliant templates or customize and make your own
  • You can put anything anywhere on your pop-up…images or text, for example
  • It takes next to no time to set up

Sumo List Builder Tool example

You can track how your pop-ups are doing too! All you have to do is visit the home screen and it’s all there in black and white; how many conversions there’ve been and how many views.

Features like My Goal are invaluable as well. When you first create your pop-up, this feature make you work out exactly what it is you want to achieve with your pop up. Do you want Twitter shares? No problem. Facebook likes? Cool beans. Once it knows what you’re after, it’s on the case!

What I’ve learned since using Sumo’s List Builder Tool is that no matter what your industry, your organization needs looking after, and Sumo’s List Builder Tool is exactly the sort of help you need to do that effectively because it’s designed to get results and improve your bottom line.

Prepare to have your mind blown for the next set of Sumo tools I’m about to explain!

Heat Map and Content Analytics

Sumo’s Heat Map and Content Analytics Tools have taken the mystery out of analytics for me.

I used to think that content analytics was something only experts could grasp. If you’re thinking the same thing for your organization, let me help you dispel that myth.

Sumo's Heat Map and Content Analytics tools

Before using Sumo, it’s fair to say that I used a lot of guesswork when making key decisions about the website I was working on and I had no idea who was reading what. I didn’t even know at what point in the page they were clicking…or even if they were clicking. It was like throwing a leaflet into a crowd and hoping for the best!

Without that key info, I was floundering and trying to work out vital results based on a lot of “maybes” and “probablys.”

Sumo has taken the uncertainty away and given me a simple-to-use and fact-based tool that shows my clients exactly what’s working and what isn’t. It’s designed with the user in mind…easy to understand and so simple to control and track. You should seriously consider using it with you website today.

Thanks to Sumo’s Heat Map and Content Analytics Tool, I’ve been able to help organizations plan out campaigns far more effectively. I can:

  • See where people are clicking (or not!) and tailor a site to suit the visitor, ensuring the call-to-actions are highly visible
  • Track the clicks on multiple pages
  • Take advantage of real-time tracking…it’s instantly updated as people respond
  • Stop and start campaigns with one click as I choose
  • Target mobile users as easily as those on other devices

Sumo’s Heat Map and Content Analytics Tools have taken the guesswork away and given me the power of fact. Like most nonprofit leaders, I want my endeavors to succeed and anything that makes that more likely is welcome.

As you can tell, I highly recommend that you give Sumo’s website tools a try. Help your organization grow and develop in the simplest, most effective way imaginable.

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