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Juntae Delane’s Secrets To Building An Online Brand

Juntae Delane’s secrets to building an online brand

Juntae Delane is the founder of the Digital Branding Institute, a global hub for digital branding resources, education and training. He is the Senior Digital Brand Manager for the University of Southern California, where he leads a team responsible for developing, managing and measuring digital marketing initiatives. He also is the principal consultant and strategist for DIGITAL DELANE, a digital branding consultancy that helps organizations build a strong digital brand.

Juntae has worked with many brands across various industries such as Coca-Cola, Sony, Verizon, NBCUniversal and Paramount Pictures. He is noted as the Top Social Media Influencer in several publications and has spoken around the country advancing the practice of digital branding. Juntae has delivered talks for events and organizations including Social Media Week, Content Marketing World, Social Fresh, Hootsuite, Brand+Aid and Digital Hollywood.

You can also hear him on his podcast “The Digital Branding Lab.” (Might I also add that Juntae is a proud alumnus of UC Berkeley. GO BEARS!!!)

Juntae Delane’s secrets to building an online brand

  • Consume as much information as possible
  • Start out by doing something that you’re good at
  • Keep doing whatever makes you happy and stay determined that you’re going to be successful

As a digital marketing strategist, you have to be a master of words and ideas to keep people inspired. What do you do to keep coming up with new inspiration?

Consuming as much information as possible is a catalyst for great ideas and content creation. I use as my RSS reader, which allows me to keep track of all my blog subscriptions.

What story do you tell the most to people who meet you for the first time?

How I started out as a DJ. Most people are surprised to hear that.

What values do you hold closest to your heart?

Being happy is always a great value.

What song, book or inspirational person best describes your story as a digital marketing strategist?

Drake’s “Successful” is a song that I often play to keep me motivated.

What’s the question nobody ever asks you but you wish they would?

I tend to do anything that I feel I should do. I wouldn’t wait on anyone to ask. I just do it.

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