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Don’t Let Your Website Go Out Of Style—start Working On That Redesign

Don’t let your website go out of style—start working on that redesign

Here’s a scenario.

After many months of wondering whether or not to build a website for your business or your personal brand, you finally decide to take the leap and get a .com. You spend long hours creating the perfect logo and finding the perfect colors, fonts and plugins that give life to what you do best.

You then launch your site to much fanfare, and all of your friends and supporters are giving you props for launching your brand new thing. But then something happens: some years pass by because you get busy promoting your thing, and then you realize, “Oh shoot! Just like my own self, my brand has gotten older and wiser. I should do something quick before my ‘thing’ gets stuck in the past.”

You know what your answer should be? It’s time for a redesign.

The rule of thumb for websites is to do a redesign at least every three years. If you’re a small business owner or an organization with a small budget, I know what you’re thinking: That sounds like it will cost me a lot of money. But let me share something with you that you already know: In the era where search engines are king, you can’t afford to fall behind the times.

Here are some of the many benefits of redesigning your website:

  • It forces you to be creative. Trying to come up with fresh ideas can sometimes feel like a burden, but thinking differently about your brand will undoubtedly unlock some magical doors in your mind and help you find new information to create more success for yourself. I guess Apple was on to something with that whole “Think Different” slogan.
  • It forces you to simplify things. I see a lot of websites that look cluttered and unorganized. It’s not your fault. Sometimes we all feel like we have a lot to say. But when it comes to your brand in the age of SEO, it should only take someone a few moments on your website to figure out what they need to do to get the information they came for. As your brand gets older, make it easier on yourself and others by making your true story shine. Take a cue from my frat brother, Kevin Davis, founder of Progressive Greek magazine, who recently decided to change his logo and simplify his brand down to its true essence: the real culture of black fraternities and sororities.
  • It makes it seem like you care about your image. You wouldn’t try to meet a new client or get a new supporter looking like Tyrone Biggums. People take you more seriously when you take yourself more seriously. So why would you have a website in 2016 looking like a throwback from the 90s? Doesn’t feel good, right?

Treat your website to a new outfit, and start working on that redesign.

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